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2022 May 27 Unsupervised Image The Growing Innovation Gap Is Costing B2B Brands Despite 68 percent of B2B marketers noting that they considered themselves "advanced," a mere four percent achieved scoring at that level, according to newly-released report data, also showing some of the reasons that fostering innovation can be more difficult for B2B marketers, creating an innovation gap. ANA How Well Do B2B Firms Handle Routing Sales Leads? [Report] Some 32 percent of B2B professionals said that greater automation was the lead management capability they most desired, while 60 percent noted that leads were occasionally assigned to the incorrect owner within their organization — two of several statistics of interest to B2B marketers contained within recently-published survey data. MarketingProfs US Digital Ad Spend Grew Faster Last Year Than At Any Point in the Previous 15 Years A 2021 rise of 35.4 percent in digital advertising spending from those seen in 2020 was the swiftest since 2006, with digital audio the top performer when it came to growth rate, while search remained the dominant digital ad format, garnering 41.4 percent of total digital ad revenues, according to newly-released report data. MarketingCharts Gartner: Marketing budgets up, focused on hybrid channels Organizations have dedicated an average of 9.5 percent of total company revenue to marketing budgets, a figure that was up significantly from the 6.4 percent rate observed in 2021, while average budgets remained behind pre-pandemic levels, according to recently-published CMO survey data. SmartBrief Trust Barometer: Geopolitics Becomes Top Priority For Business [Edelman Trust Barometer] 59 percent of adults surveyed in 14 countries said that they wanted businesses to add geopolitical issues to their agendas, with CEOs being seen as the role expected to shape such issues, while journalists saw the biggest gains in trust, according to newly-released Edelman data of interest to B2B marketers. PRovoke Media [bctt tweet="“Great marketing isn't about who arrives. It's about who stays. No amount of awareness matters if you can't earn affinity. This is a game of trust, and it's a long one. Play it the right way, or not at all.” — Jay Acunzo @JayAcunzo" username="toprank"] How Are Execs Measuring UX? [Survey] 63 percent of digital experience professionals have said that customer satisfaction is tops when it comes to measuring user experience (UX) performance, with some 60 percent pointing to sales retention business metrics, and 51 percent identifying product or site analytics, according to recently-published survey data. MarketingCharts 2022 May 27 Statistics Image Report: Google Showing More Search Results With FAQ Rich Results Some 27 percent of Google search query results now feature Google’s frequently asked questions (FAQ) snippets, a figure that represents a five percent rise during less than a week, and could portend a push to even greater expansion of the FAQ-rich result format, new report data suggests. SEO Roundtable Advertising Drove $7.1T In 2021 U.S. Sales, Ad Coalition Study Finds Some 18.5 percent of the U.S. gross domestic product (GDP) can trace its roots from advertising, with $7.1 trillion in 2021 sales attributed to advertising, while also supporting 28.5 million jobs in the U.S., according to recently-released report data of interest to digital marketers. MediaPost Meta’s Adding More Ad Targeting Information to its Ad Library Listings Facebook parent firm Meta has made more targeted advertising information available via its Ad Library feature, with additional ad usage data that could help B2B marketers detect trends and conduct competitive analysis, Meta recently announced. Social Media Today Advertising to Gen Z? Personalize it 81 percent of the Gen Z demographic have said that they liked personalized digital ads — an amount that was nearly double that noted by baby boomers, while a leading 43 percent of consumers said that being relatable was the top characteristic of a good ad — two of numerous findings of interest to digital marketers contained in newly-released survey data. SmartBrief ON THE LIGHTER SIDE: 2022 May 27 Marketoonist Comic Image A lighthearted look at “False Choice Between Brand and Performance” by Marketoonist Tom Fishburne — Marketoonist Man Paying $15 A Month For Streaming Service to Listen to Same Five Songs — The Hard Times TOPRANK MARKETING & CLIENTS IN THE NEWS:
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