There’s a significant change happening in the world of B2B marketing, driven largely by innovations from generative AI. As companies around the globe scramble to understand and harness the raw power of artificial intelligence for marketing, VMware stands out with its strategic and successful adoption of Jasper, a generative AI tool that’s proving to be a game-changer.

I learned about this transformative approach to GenAI implementation at the recent Content Marketing World conference in a presentation from Jessica Hreha, Head of Global Integrated Campaigns, Demand Content Strategy at VMware and Meghan Keaney Anderson, VP of Marketing at Jasper.

Here’s a summary of what I learned during their presentation.

  • VMware’s goals with the Jasper pilot include improving content quality, saving money on agency fees, and speeding up content production time.
  • The pilot started with 40 users in the global demand content team and has since expanded to 205 users and potentially 765 total users across global marketing.
  • Early results show that Jasper has helped save over 200 hours per month and boosted productivity and job satisfaction for marketers.
  • The positive feedback from marketers led to the creation of VMware’s Marketing AI Council to help educate and empower marketers on responsible AI use.
  • The Council has hosted training sessions, created AI guidelines, and been recognized by industry groups for its leadership in marketing AI.
  • Within global marketing, Jasper is being used to write video scripts, social media copy, paid search copy, blog outlines, and more.
  • Marketers report time savings ranging from 2 hours down to 5 minutes for tasks, and being able to save on agency fees for copy generation.

Generative AI: Breaking Boundaries in Marketing

Generative AI isn’t just a buzzword; it’s breaking longstanding barriers in the marketing world. The technology allows marketers to quickly generate content, but the key is to tap into its potential without losing the unique brand voice or human touch.

Enter Jasper. This AI-driven writing and strategy assistant isn’t about replacing marketers. Instead, it aims to empower them, giving them tools to produce more and elevate their creative prowess. This perspective aligns with the “AI is your co-pilot” messaging coming from Microsoft and even the expression “Assisted Intelligence” I’ve heard from IBM years ago.

Meghan Keaney Anderson

Meghan Keaney Anderson – Jasper

VMware & Jasper: A Partnership Born from Innovation

VMware’s journey with Jasper started as an experiment, a pilot program with just eight members in 2022. But like all great innovations, it quickly gained traction. By 2023, a whopping 560 users within VMware’s Global Marketing FTE organization were leveraging Jasper, reaping many benefits.

“The advent of AI is about shifting and adjusting not outright replacement. One for one replacement of humans for AI is just a bad idea.” Meghan Keaney Anderson, VP Marketing at Jasper

But the impact of GenAI on VMware’s marketing operations didn’t stop there. It was the catalyst behind VMware’s Marketing AI Council, established in 2023, aiming to foster collaboration, drive AI-centric initiatives, and set a benchmark in AI excellence. As large enterprises and even mid-market B2B brands work to fully understand and integrate GenAI applications into their businesses, internal teams like an AI Council make a lot of sense.

Jessica Hreha

Jessica Hreha – VMware

Tangible Results & Real-world Benefits

Adopting a new technology is one thing, but seeing tangible results is another. So far, VMware’s adoption of Jasper has resulted in:

  • A time-savings of 200 hours every month.
  • A cut in agency fees for their global demand content team.
  • An impressive acceleration in time-to-market rates, turning day-long tasks into matters of hours or minutes.

VMware marketers’ testimonials further illuminated Jasper’s transformative impact. From content drafting to promotional video script creation, the AI tool has reshaped workflows, driven efficiency and enhanced creativity.

Guardrails & The Road Ahead

Yet as they say, with great power comes great responsibility. Jessica from VMware emphasized the critical importance of responsible AI use. It’s not just about integrating AI but ensuring it aligns with the company’s core values and principles. A focus on education, AI literacy, and ensuring the benefits of AI are widespread underpin VMware’s approach.

I think it’s safe to say that the fusion of human creativity with AI’s capabilities is not just the future — it’s the present. VMware’s journey with Jasper provides a compelling blueprint for companies looking to embark on their own GenAI marketing adventures. It’s a reminder that in the dance between human and machine, when done right, the results can be impressive.

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